SCOTT FIELDS (guitar/vocals)


   Scott was born and raised in the Richmond, Kentucky area. Coming from a family of musicians, Scott started singing and playing guitar when he was nineteen. Since then, he has toured across the bluegrass region, playing music with some of his heroes and greatest musicians in the bluegrass genre. While on tour in Nashville, he played at such notable places as the Grand Ole Opry and the Midnight Jamboree, among others. In addition to performing on stage, Scott writes and composes music. His song, Stronger Every Day, has recently been recorded by a cast of music greats. Another of his songs, Love Is Not a Game, is a favorite in the Stone Cold Grass lineup.

JESSE PENA (mandolin/vocals)


   Born in the Panama Canal Zone, Jesse grew up playing different styles of music: blues, R&B, jazz, country, bluegrass, classical and Latin. He travelled extensively before moving to Tennessee to play guitar and mandolin for various country, rock, blues and gospel artists. During his time in Nashville, Jesse worked as a studio musician/arranger on demo and custom recordings. He also has performed at the Grand Ole Opry as a band leader and backup musician. He is now a studio musician and teacher in the Lexington area. Jesse teaches guitar, mandolin and bass in addition to composing music and performing.

RICHARD PHILLIPS (bass/vocals)


   Richard has been singing since the age of six and playing guitar since he was sixteen. Richard is native to Cynthiana, Kentucky and has a strong background in gospel, as well as, country music. He has played with several local groups, prior to settling in with Stone Cold Grass. Richard has performed at Renfro Valley several times, as well as, the Nashville Palace in Tennessee.



   Born in Eastern Kentucky, Lyndon was introduced to bluegrass music by his father and began playing banjo at age 10. While growing up in the small town of Sandy Hook, Kentucky, he was very fortunate to be able to play with several area musicians, who would later become well known artists in the bluegrass community. Now living in Georgetown, Lyndon spends all of his time giving music lessons, performing and creating promotional graphics for the group. He is excited to be a part of STONE COLD GRASS; a band he proudly describes as having "the perfect mix of talent, energy and heart".

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